How to Create a Virtual Machine Clone

I happen to use a LOT of VM's in my daily work and I have multiple VM's for testing and study purposes.

One of the best things about VM's is they are "mountable" which means you can mount them as hard disks and retrieve data from the mounted drive. I have had to use the mountable utility available with my back-up software a few times in my carer when I changed machines and forget to move a file I wanted (or forgot). Making a VM of your existing machine is a zero cost solution if you want to backup your machine at a point in time. This article shows you how to do it. 

Virtualization allows one operating system (OS) to run on another OS. But did you know that a Virtual Machine (VM) clone of your hard drive can put your entire computer inside of another computer? With VMs, the possibilities are endless. For most people, though, virtualization enables playing older games using emulation, the ability to sandbox, running multiple OSes, and much more (practical VM uses). You can even set up a Windows virtual machine in Linux.

This article covers how to create a VM clone of your system and how to use it once you've managed to create the virtual machine. 

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