14 Apr 2013

Oh god... no... no... no more Facebook. Please...

In case you happened to miss the furor earlier today (or yesterday, depending on your timezone), Facebook officially pushed its Facebook Home launcher into the Google Play Store for owners of a select few devices to muck around with. Early impressions seem to run the gamut, but unless you had the right hardware you were plumb out of luck if you wanted to take Home for a spin.

Well, let me rephrase that: you were plumb out of luck. MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien worked up a dead-simple way to get Facebook Home up and running on just about any Android device. Long story short, he patched a version of the Home app to keep it from figuring out what device you’ve just loaded it onto and showing you the customary it’s-not-your-turn screen.

All you really need to do is pop into your Android device’s settings and make sure it’s set to install applications from unknown sources (it’s in the “Security” section). From there, you just have to download and install his patched versions of the Facebook Home app, as well as his patched Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps. Already have those latter two apps installed? You’ll have to uninstall both of them and load up O’Brien’s cooked versions in order for Home to work properly.

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12 Apr 2013

Free and now available for you to view.

See... Microsoft Love You!

Videos of the Office 15-Minute Webinars are available in new apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. These videos can help you get the most out of Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and other Office applications.

05 Apr 2013

From cleaning to defraging, these are 12 of the things every PC and laptop user should do. 

That said...

I do about 4 of them... I have a job... I no have time for all this. 

04 Apr 2013

Their are lot's and lot's of ways to do this, but Tree Size if one of my favorite apps to get this accomplished and FAST!

If you have a hard drive that is quickly approaching capacity, sorting through the files and folders for the ones taking up the most space can be a really time-consuming process. There’s an easier way to do it—it’s the subject of our latest Tech Tip.

04 Apr 2013

Persoanlly, I have not seen this issue. Then again, I not a pure Excel Head either. I just fill in the squares with colors to make block men... I then send that to my boss telling him I'm exploring my more creative side. 

I have written about how to share one Excel workbook with multiple users where all the users can work together simultaneously on the same workbook. Sometimes when you’re working on a shared workbook and Excel unexpectedly crashes, you open the workbook again. It works fine but the size of the file starts increasing exponentially.

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