24 Jan 2015

If you don't want to run Windows 10 as your primary OS then you might be interested in running it as a Virtual Machine (as I do...).

17 Jan 2015

I know more and more people who try to make a self-signed certificate and mess it up (hand raised!!!).

This is a nice article on how to do it correctly.

09 Jan 2015

See... you all learned something. RIGHT!

03 Jan 2015

I just read through this and I came away impressed. Not a bad article at all and having a backup of ones registry is well, just smart! 

31 Dec 2014

I am seriously looking into this especially since one of my neighbors had this basement flood (his pipes burst) as the heater went out. His basement basically turned into an ice rink all while he was on vacation. If I had something that would email me when the temp or a system went down, even remotely, I could call for help.

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