14 Mar 2013

So, my daughter came to last week, asking me for some help in regards to her banking statement. 

My kids are pretty savvy when it comes to finances since I DEMAND they learn about it between the ages of 16-18. I actually sit with them and go over credit scores, banking statements, checking accounts, interest, and credit cards. I continually teach them about it over the next year so, at the very least, they have a solid understanding of just how important their credit score and staying out of debt actually is.

As she was trying to login she sat there in front of me and stared up at the sky like a lot of us do when we can't remember our passwords.

I asked her if she had a password manager, and she said 'no' so I showed her LastPass. She loved it.

LastPass is a online password manager which is available to you either online or as a plug-in supporting every single browser out there including Opera.

08 Mar 2013

I spent 59.00 on the deluxe edition (had a coupon I could not share) and now one of the features I LOVED (the speed up of the time line) is GONE. That was a 'FIX'!

Do you know how may beers I could buy for 59.99? I mean, a good drunk is better than this crap!

27 Feb 2013


I just spent over 2 hours on the phone with Nuance support and it seems there is an issue with the newly released SP for Dragon Speak 12.x.

This only seems to affect Windows 8 x64 users who try and install SP1.

The problem seems to be as follows:

After you install the update and execute DS 12.5 (that's after the newly installed SP is installed) invalidates the registration code you have been using all along.

I did work with a Support Engineer (via a screen share) and gave them all the logs I could find so they can get on fixing the issue.

If you are experiencing this issue, the Support Engineer asked that I relay to you all to please call the support desk and let them know you are also having this issue. Those who really want to help are asked to work with the front line support folks and provide them with the logs they desperately need to find the issue and get it fixed.

The SP was released just today and while I was on the phone they already had three other callers on the phone with the same issue as I.

So, if you have dragon speak 12.0 installed and are running Windows 8 x64 you might want to wait or install it and see if you have the issue. If you do, please call the support desk and help them out. This is a good company trying to do the right thing and get this addressed as soon as they can.

Just wanted you all to know about the issue.



26 Feb 2013

Do you find the need for a home server and have no idea how to do it?

Well now... here ya go!

Over the past few years, The SSD Review has enjoyed a fairly smooth ride with little to complain about. It wasn’t until our readership explosion that we realized how important backups were.

There is nothing worse than a site crash, other than a site crash which also contains a Forum of course.  The sudden loss of days, weeks, months and even years worth of data cannot arguably be equal to that of valuable Forum members who hate seeing their threads gone. It happened.

19 Feb 2013

Okay, so this is for the 'advanced folks' and I am dead serious.

The article takes me back to the 'good old days' when we LIVED in the registry and hacked the hell out of it!!!

I HIGHLY advise you make a FULL backup of your system prior to attempting anything related to this article! I'm DEAD SERIOUS!

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have a great potential to speed up your system, and they're becoming mainstream with prices dropping and the technology maturing. SSDs are faster, have no moving parts, use less power, are quieter, less succeptible to physical shock, with lower access time and latency than traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs).

However, SSDs use memory chips to store data, which makes them quite different than traditional mechanical drives and most current OSes are still not tuned by default to use this type of storage media to its full potential. It may take a bit of knowledge and tinkering to setup and tune the SSDs and squeeze that last bit of potential and improve their reliability.

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