20 Mar 2015

I just did a quick little video showing you how to change the default mail view font in Outlook 2013. 

19 Mar 2015

I'm having issues upgrading to 10041. I think I might have to do a clean install.

15 Mar 2015

Do you like Office 2013? I like Office 2013. As a matter of fact I like it more than Budweiser Beer! I KNOW! That's a lot! 

So, as a fellow Office 2013 "lover" I invite you to check out 50 (FREAKING 50!) Office 2013 tips and tricks you can use tomrrow at work showing off your Office 2013 prowless to the boss. Yep...I feel a promotion in your future! Right! Right!

09 Mar 2015

This is a very good article on what you need to have installed from a PowerShell perspective and then how to connect.

09 Mar 2015

Hyper-V is starting to get REALLY good!

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