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So, it seems we are headed back to WW II in the next Call of Duty which I am very happy to hear. The space ones...well...they were good but not what made COD great.

Looks pretty cool. I'll wait to see more. I thought the first iteration (Battlefront) was...okay.

Now, this is something I can get behind. Sure, there are limitations but they seem VERY reasonable to me.

I like this article a lot. It spells out what you can expect from the "Gaming Mode" and how to access it.

I just read the entire article and, if you are a gamer, you should also. No matter the platform you play it sounds like "Project Scorpio" will deliver and deliver BIG!

Just really well done. You can check out the video here or watch it below. 

What have I said around here for years? Never buy a 1.0 product. Never.

Huh...checking it out now. I especially like that you can move games between drives with the click of a button.

It seems Windows 10 is not the only 'Windows" system getting an update. The folks in Redmond are also giving the XBOX One a facelift!

I'm assuming this will be something like "sleeping" inactive services or processes to "maximize" CPU, memory, bus speed, etc.This build is starting to look impressive.

300.00, now that's a good price point.

I LOVE this game! God...what a gorgeous game!

I have to say, I am VERY please with the streaming I can do from my XBOX One to my Windows 10 PC. Makes things a lot easier when I am on the office and am bidding in Madden 17.

Oh man... now I have to get one.