Everything you need to know about PlayStation VR

Not a big VR guy (tried it, eh....) but my son's dig it and I'm sure a lot of folks want to know more especially on the PS Platform. 

Both the normal PS4 and the PS4 Pro will play all PlayStation VR games. Sony is keen to stress that PSVR was created with the original PS4 in mind, and not the super-powered version that is due in November.

However, the PS4 Pro will offer improvements to the VR experience. Sony’s Mark Cerny told audiences at this month’s PlayStation Meeting that “with PS4 Pro, the developers can choose to increase the crispness of VR scenes, make special effects richer, or to offer higher frame rates, making your VR experiences even more immersive.”

The company used Farpoint to demonstrate how the game looks
better using the PS4 Pro. However, PlayStation’s sales and marketing boss Jim Ryan says that the Pro is definitely not a requirement for VR. “We absolutely maintain the primary platform for PlayStation VR is the standard PS4,” he told MCV. “All 40m of them are capable of a great VR experience. It’s very important that people are clear about that.” 

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