M155 Portable Performance Gaming Monitor

This is not your normal gaming monitor. As a matter of fact, this one is completely portable. Great gift for those LONG car rides with the kids. You sit in the back and they drive. Everyone gets something out of the deal.

Game anywhere with the GAEMS M155 Performance Gaming Monitor. Whether you prefer to game on a console, a laptop, or simply want a second monitor for your PC or HDMI compatible devices, this portable monitor promises to perform.

The 15.5” 720p (1080p scaled) E-LED monitor provides a virtually lag-free experience for any device with HDMI output and requires only a single USB for power. Proof you don’t need to sacrifice power for portability.

Enjoy quality sound through the integrated speaker or take advantage of the internal audio by plugging in your favorite pair of headphones.

The hinged anti-slip rubber feet on the back of the monitor pop out to support a 12” viewing angle. You can also easily mount the monitor using the built-in 1/4” camera screw socket.

Weighing less than 2 pounds, the M155 monitor will fit perfectly inside every GAEMS Backpack and safely inside most laptop bags. It also comes with a zippered neoprene sleeve for added padding and protection while storing and transporting.

- Box Contents:
- M155 Monitor
- Protective Cover
- Zippered Neoprene Sleeve
- Remote Control
- HDMI Cable
- USB “Y Split” Power Cable
- Power Adapter Plug 

See it and get one. Really not as expensive as one would think.

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