Microsoft says virtual reality will soon have same mind-bending effects as LSD

Oh man... now I have to get one.

In the golden age of the 1960s, psychedelic adventurers used LSD to produce a similar effect, often getting naked and enjoying unabashed sex soundtracked by by some of the best music ever written.

But anyone looking to trip out on virtual reality will probably do so alone in their room, wearing a helmet and unlikely to be touched by another human being.

Mar Gonzalez Franco, a researcher at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters, said: “By 2027 we will have ubiquitous virtual reality systems that will provide such rich multisensorial experiences that will be capable of producing hallucinations which blend or alter perceived reality.

“Using this technology, humans will retrain, recalibrate and improve their perceptual systems.”

The technology will also be refined to incorporate “haptic” systems, which simulate touching or being touched. 

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