Link Your XBOX Gamertag and Playstation Network Online ID to your EA account for Online Play

Huh...this is kinda cool.

Why do I need to link my accounts?

When you play EA games on PlayStation or Xbox, your game identifies you with the PlayStation™Network online ID or Xbox Gamertag. Link those accounts with your EA Account to play online and so we can help you as fast as possible if you need to contact us for support.

Linking your accounts means that when you contact us, we know who you are and what games you’re playing.

You usually only have to link your account once, but you may have to do it again if:

- You’re playing on a new console
- You’ve upgraded from Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to Xbox One or PlayStation 4
- If you’re upgrading, and using the same PlayStation™Network Online ID or Gamertag, make sure you use the same EA Account you used before.
- You’ve removed all your trusted devices from your EA Account
- You’ve switched Gamertag or PlayStation™Network online ID 

See the entire FAQ here.

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