Nintendo Switch Problems And Fixes: What You Need to Know

What have I said around here for years? Never buy a 1.0 product. Never.

It will be outdone (and you will really want) with the 2.0 product. Personally, I am a HUGE Zelda fan and have been for decades. I will get a switch at XMAS when the bundles are plentiful and all of this has been fixed. But, if you own one now, here are some "tips". Unfortunately, most of the tips are "wait for a fix" or go and buy a battery that can handle the charging issues.

Nintendo Switch Problems and Fixes - Now before you race down the list of problems below looking for a fix, it’s likely that Nintendo will address them at some point soon. So, if you find one that relates to you and don’t feel comfortable carrying out the fix wait for the official advice.

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Last modified on Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:44

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