Steam Summer Sale Confirmed - 6-22-17 - 1:00 PM EST

Find Visa wife doesn't know about? - check! 

Able to read all digits on card? - check!...well...sorta...ah, maybe. Need some whit out for the numbers.! 
Reboot all routers and switches - check! (we'll...tomorrow. No reason to do it now?) 
Schedule bathroom break right start of sale? - check! (I'm sorta old so...that's like a gimmie). 
List of games you're looking to purchase - check? (8 this year just so you know.) 
Verify available disk space for new game purchases? - Underway. Not sure what needs to be gotten rid of between Steam, Origin, UPLAY, GameStop, Amazon, etc. but I will have available disk space. Oh, you can bet on that. 

Update: A Valve rep has confirmed that the date indicated by PayPal is correct: The Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 22.

Original story: The Steam Summer Sale dates have been revealed, and once again we have PayPal to thank. The online payment company said on Twitter today that the big sale will begin at 6 pm BST/1 pm ET on June 22. 

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