New Amiga to go on sale in late 2017

Yep! THAT Amiga! Seems these, let's call them Retro Consoles, are making a very strong comeback.

Personally, I think it's because games designed back them were just that: Games! No DLC's to buy. No "on-line connection to a server" required. You bought the game and that WAS the game. Kinda miss that. 

The world's getting a new Amiga for Christmas.

Yes, that Amiga – the seminal Commodore microcomputers that brought mouse-driven GUIs plus slick and speedy graphics to the masses from 1985 to 1996.

The Amiga was beloved by gamers, graphics pros and many an IT aficionado who just appreciated their speedy (for their time) Motorola 680x0 CPUs, multi-threading operating system and ability to work with images, sound and video.

The platform died when Commodore went bankrupt, but enthusiasm for the Amiga persisted and various clones and efforts to preserve AmigaOS continue to this day. 

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