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Wanna see what DX12 can do? Check this out!

You all saw this demo last year but, since that time the folks over at Unreal have ported the demo to Windows 10 with DX 12. Oh, and it's running on a NVIDIA 980Ti. I'm getting me some of that! 

WOW! So... as I have been mentioning here on the site, I am in the market to build a new PC and I was about to pull the trigger but now I think I'll wait. I want that GPU and DX12!

DX 12 - Almost Here.

Simply awesome or just more PR?
Meet the next generation of gaming graphics. DirectX 12 is faster, lighter-weight, and more predictable, said Anuj Gosalia, Development Manager for Graphics at Microsoft, at the Game Developers Conference on Thursday, calling the new tech “the beginning of a new era in graphics APIs.”