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I completely understand this is just a game but, holy s****! This was a trip to watch!

While I didn't have this specific problem, I did have a pre-load install problem. Seems my files were somehow "corrupt". I had to delete the temp files that were download and now I have to re-download the entire game.

The more I see of this game the more I want to play it!

Since the Sept. 17 release of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V, millions of gamers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, a massive multiplayer online game bundled with the main game that debuted Oct. 2. But excitement has quickly given way to disappointment because the game was riddled with malfunctions. As a result, the game's developer, Rockstar, has become the target of heavy scorn from the very people who most anticipated its product.

I cannot wait for this to hit PC!
You’ll no doubt have noticed that at the end of each mission you are ranked on your performance in GTA 5 against various criteria and given an overall rating of bronze, silver or gold. The target of 70 golds set by this trophy may sound daunting, but on top of the 69 main story missions there are at least 45 strangers and freaks missions to complete, giving you plenty of leeway on those where the top medal can be a struggle. Missions can replayed from the pause menu at any point, and the targets you’ve achieved stack so you don’t have to get them all in one go.

Money's Changing "Grand Theft Auto V" Characters

This was pretty funny...

GTA 5 Review: So Realistic It's Boring

LOL... this is really good. 
I had no idea you could do this much in GTA 5. 

Damn I wish this was coming out on PC at launch!

GTA 5 Now Has An Official Trailer!

Man... I cannot wait to play this game... on my PC... when it comes out next year...maybe.