win 10 creators ud cornerNeed to get ready for the Windows 10 Creators update? - Click here!

That's not a typo folks. It's a re-furb unit but so what! It comes with Gears of War so you get a good game also. 

Now, this is something I can get behind. Sure, there are limitations but they seem VERY reasonable to me.

"Open Box" but, If you want one, you better hurry.

XBOX One to get New Dashboard.

It seems Windows 10 is not the only 'Windows" system getting an update. The folks in Redmond are also giving the XBOX One a facelift!

I have been waiting for these deals for at least a year! Now I'm getting one!

Damn... more than I thought.

God I love free...really I do.

Buy Xbox One. Choose A Game For Free.

Now we're talking!

New Xbox One 1TB Console Unveiled

Sweet! Now I can save and spend even more money I don't have!