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XBOX One to get New Dashboard.

It seems Windows 10 is not the only 'Windows" system getting an update. The folks in Redmond are also giving the XBOX One a facelift!

I have been waiting for these deals for at least a year! Now I'm getting one!

Damn... more than I thought.

God I love free...really I do.

Buy Xbox One. Choose A Game For Free.

Now we're talking!

New Xbox One 1TB Console Unveiled

Sweet! Now I can save and spend even more money I don't have!

How to Buy a New Xbox One for $175

Yeeaaahhh... I think I will taking advantage of this one.

Hmmm... should make a few DEV's happy.

A WEALTH of information for those who are interested.

Turn your Xbox One into a laptop for $1100

This might be the "build" of the year.