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TECMO BOWL! Super Mario Bro's! $60.00 bucks! MAN... I am so IN! This is back when games were just fun to play. No money was needed. You bought the game and you had to earn all your "power ups". I love these old games. 

Have you all seen this? I was just watching a TWITCH stream and someone mentioned it so I went and checked it out. Really sweet!

Just in case you do not know, the Steam Summer Picnic Sale is now live! Check out the terrific video of the announcement below! EPIC!

Sony has confirmed that the next PlayStation 4 update will add Remote Play for PC and Mac.

No...s***! I'm in!

FREE! FREE! I love me some free.

Huh...something to look at.

Your PS4 is about to, unofficially, see many, many more video games available to play on it. Fail0verflow, the hacking collective that broke the PS3’s encryption and champions homebrew games, has just announced they’ve got Linux working on a PS4, and that SteamOS should “just work” once they resolve the driver issues. But will Sony tolerate Valve on their turf?

Those who are currently in the market to buy an Xbox Elite Controller will have to wait a bit longer, according to Microsoft.

SWEET! I'm just now getting my XBOX ONE installed and up to speed (updates and all). I've only played one game on it but this a different level of gaming! 1080P = SWEET!

Damn...I might be interested in this!

Damn... more than I thought.

Having played the origional Myst for hours I'm looking forward to this new game. It looks really good.

I have never played Minecraft but my kids do\have and they love it. I never could figure out how to chop a tree down. I mean, I can fire an AK-47 and hit a target at 50 yards but I, for the life of me, could not figure out how to chop a stupid tree down.

God I love free...really I do.