Core i7 5775C processor review: Desktop Broadwell - Broadwell-H: Core i7-5775C Review

A VERY detailed review for those who are interested.

Today we review the all new Intel Core i7 5775C processor, a CPU fabbed at a 14nm manufacturing node making these processors are a notch more energy friendly. Join us as we look at the performance of this processor in a wide variety of benchmark, will it be noticeably more tweakable than say the Core i7 4770 or 4790 ? Well you can leave it up to us to find answers, let's find out shall we ?

Broadwell Core i5-5675C and Core i7-5775C processors for the Desktop platform have been released. Just to make a quick note already there are BGA packages available as well, not desktop products. Versions with the 'C" extension are the desktop LGA 1150 models, the 'R" models get a BGA socket. The C models will come with an unlocked multiplier (in the past that was K or X model). Initially five models will be launched but three of them are BGA and thus soldered onto the PCB socket, two of them are Socket 1150 ready. We test the flagship product, the Core i7 5775C. Broadwell based processors have four cores and will get a 65W TDP, which is lower compared to Haswell with its 84W/95W TDP, obviously thanks to the small 14nm fabrication process. 

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