Facebook scares Cisco with 6-pack network switch platform update

So... I guess Facebook has a little bit more under it's belt than cat videos and who's dating who.

Facebook is building a fresh network by itself to support its own operations, but, in a move that should worry networking equipment giant Cisco, is giving the software and designs for it away for free.

While it has been ongoing for a while, Facebook has announced a new facet in the project: a networking product called “6-pack.”

It’s funny how the social network also chose to announce the update to its networking technology, which it is hoping will challenge the networking industry, on the same day that Cisco, the market share leader of this $23 billion market reported its financial earnings.

In its blog post, Facebook digged at Cisco by making out how “traditional networking technologies…tend to be too closed, monolithic, and iterative for the scale at which we operate and the pace at which we move”.

The 6-pack is a switch platform that will be installed in the social network’s vision of its own scalable data centre, a vision that it says only itself can build because of its high demands. 

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