Intel Skylake Z170 Motherboards: A Quick Look at 55+ New Products

These motherboards looks terrific and the specs... wow! That said, only Intel i5's seem to have been released. I need an i7 with a crap-load of RAM for my VM's!

Along with the launch of the two Skylake-K processors today, we also have a raft of new motherboards to go with them. The Skylake processors use the LGA 1151 socket (which is new) combined with the Z170 chipset, meaning every motherboard manufacturer has been developing and putting together a whole stack of products to meet different price points and demand. The Z170 chipset itself represents a large jump in terms of IO design, driven by the growing need for diversification and utility on modern platforms.

In this piece we are going to look at both the Z170 chipset itself, the benefits that come along with using Z170, and then the motherboards that are set to launch equipped with it. Intel’s details about the chipset have been some of the briefest we have experienced in any recent Intel launch, although we have been able to piece together various aspects of the design from a number of sources. We have been promised more detail about the system during the Intel Developer Forum in mid-August, to which both Ryan and I will be attending and asking plenty of questions. A lot of the detail about Z170 in this piece is mirrored in our main Skylake review as well.

For the motherboard information itself, this is the culmination of requests to the manufacturers who have mostly provided both pictures and specifications on the bulk of their ranges. Due to this launch being a couple of weeks earlier than the motherboard manufacturers expected (even from Computex), not everything is 100% ready to go today - as a result we are still awaiting MSRP details for a lot of the products, but they should be on the shelves if not today then in the next couple of weeks. 

Read all about it here! 

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