802.11ac Wi-Fi Router Round-Up: ASUS, Netgear, D-Link, and TRENDnet

The top of the line (currently) of Routers are compared and put to the test.

Wireless routers are going through somewhat of a renaissance right now, thanks to the arrival of the 802.11ac standard that is "three times as fast as wireless-N" and the proliferation of Internet-connected devices in our homes and pockets. Whereas before we merely had a handful of laptops and PCs connected to the internet at various times, we now have homes with many devices connected all the time, including our phones, tablets, computers, smart televisions, game consoles, and smart home devices. Though wireless N wasn't bad at the time, it's simply not ideal when dozens of devices are connected at the same time, and certainly not in a larger home or office. That's where 802.11ac comes in, as it offers much-improved speeds and the ability to support a lot more clients at the same time. Now that there are several premium routers on the market that are able to take full advantage of everything 802.11ac has to offer, we figured we'd round up the best-of-the-best and put them through their paces.


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