Linus Tech Tips - I have some things to say - Core i9 & X299 (must watch!)

I'm a fan of Linus and his Tech Tips, and have been for a while now, but this video just sent him WAY up the "trust" charts for me.

If you are thinking about jumping in on Intels Core i9 and x299 chip set you MUST watch this video before you make the leap. Not only does he put things into perspective he let's you know you might be in for a WAY bigger surprise (from a cost point) than you originally thought. Seems Intel is now playing the "DLC Game" with its motherboards and other products. I'm seriously considering going back to AMD when the Threadripper CPUs come out this summer. 

Check out the video - Click Here or you can watch it below.

Last modified on Tuesday, 06 June 2017 13:09

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