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Ya know, if I was that into Mining I would buy this board. Still not sure how you get 16 GPU's on this board. 

I'm on one of the ones who needs to check as I brought up a second LAN in the house moving all the day-to-day devices (DVR's, etc...) to this new network alleviating a lot of the day-to-day to that network. I have to say, it's working out really well!

This 280.00 Router Kicks ASS! Sorta...

All of these "new" routers seem to have terrific speed, but at what cost? Do you really need a $280.00 router?

Hmmm... a dual core router with incrediable speed? Kinda like the one I already have... the Nightwawk from Netgear.

The Asus ROG division is launching its Maximus VII Formula motherboard. This is the flagship Z97 motherboard from the ROG series of products, and comes with quite the hardware to back up that status.

Asus Intros H97-Pro Gamer Motherboard

As I have said in the past, I am in the market for a new PC but this time I am taking it VERY SLOW as I'm waitng to see what Intel has in the pipe this coming fall. 

ASUS Z97-A Motherboard Review

Coffee: Check! Sports Center: Check! Asus Motherboard Review: Check.

Damn... hell of a motherboard but, do I need Thunderbolt? Sure I do! It's called THUNDERBOLT!

Nice looking board for such a small fry!  With the Z87I-Pro, ASUS has another, very interesting mini-ITX motherboard in its portfolio. This board is based on almost the same PCB as the Maximus VI Impact, but there are more SATA ports, whereas the worlds largest motherboard manufacturer has been saving on the additional sound module. Apart from that it's almost a must for ASUS to equip this high-end offer with an armada of features.

This is a first look at the TUF series from Asus in regards to the Sabertooth & Gryphon Z87 Motherboards.