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My boss sent me this and since he's as crazy as I am, it makes for a good working relationship. However, if you asked me if I would actually do this my answer would be a RESOUNDING "Not a prayer in hell". But, at the same time, I know some of you will read this and go "THAT's RAD!" Yes, you will actually say those words cause I did.

The Devil CPU... I like that name! Sounds... bad ASS! Hope it works as well as it sounds.

Umm... yeah... something you should probably know.

Damn... really? A custom CPU chip? Didn't Sony try this with the Cell? 

We've all had it happen that... app or utility that takes your system to it's knees and you have no idea how to get to it and 'kill' it!

Whew... this one I can skip and just wsait until next year. This seems MUCH more for the laptop and Ultrabook market than for the Desktop market plus, I'm pretty damn happy with my rig I have now.

If you are interested in getting a new processor, this article might be helpful.

AMD Bulldozer FX-4130 - Review

AMD are giving their budget end of the FX CPUs a bit of a bump in performance and today, we are going to be examining what the differences are. There is an obvious increase in clock speed from 3.8GHz to 3.9GHz which is always a good thing, and AMD have a trick up their sleeve to make it more attractive to the budget builders.