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Intel to lay off 12,000 people!


A VERY detailed review for those who are interested.

Ya know, I'm not sure you would want to do this but... if you do, well... you might not be able to.

This might be pretty cool to have in the old bag of tricks.

NOW I'm going to upgrade!
An 8 CORE Haswell later this year?

Interested? I am!
Intel this week revealed desktop roadmap enhancements and new technologies at a Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The enhancements to the roadmap consist of several unlocked products, including Haswell-based Pentium and Core microprocessors, "Haswell-E" Extreme Edition CPUs, and Broadwell Core CPUs.

No kidding... I might have to look into this one. 

Damn... wonder what they are going to do with it? 

Intel on Tuesday announced an agreement to sell its TV business to Verizon Communications for an undisclosed sum, giving the telecom giant an edge in the market to deliver live television over the Internet.