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Uh... I have not seen a BIOS update from my MB manufacturer in...oh...a year....maybe?

Yeah... pretty sure I am not going to have this issue.

Intel: Our phones are the fastest!

Well, my car is faster! So there!
Chip production in mobile -- the tech industry's fastest-growing computing segment -- is instead dominated by a little-known British company called ARM. Though hardly a household name like Intel, ARM's microchip designs can be found in 95% of the world's smartphones and tablets.

Intel this week announced plans to retire 28 Sandy Bridge desktop CPUs from Celeron, Pentium, Core i3 and Core i5 families. After successful transition of budget desktop microprocessors from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge microarchitecture, it's not surprising to see all phased out parts to be end of lifed. According to several Product Change Notification (PCN) documents, Intel is going to retire the following SKUs: