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This is why I love technology. Everyday something cool comes out.

SSD Prices In A Free Fall

Yeah, I was wondering about that. I saw a 1TB SSD for like 250.00 the other day. Almost bought it.

I truly had no idea! Damn...

No kidding! Looks like I'm buying Samsung drives from now on!

So... this is something all you Road Warriors and folks who are deleting stuff on there hard drives to make space for MORE stuff might want to consider.

Sure... you need to jump through a few hoops but for $79.00 buck-a-roos...I'll jump!

I've been running my SSD's in this config for... 2 years now???? Yeah... 2 years and I have to say, it is fast.

Damn... hell of a good price for this SSD. Remember, this starts TOMORROW!

Tiger Direct has a 480 GB SSD (TERRIFIC for laptops!) for an unbelievable 179.00!

Looking forward to this tech being implemented.