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I would love to get a Surface Pro but, the fact remains, the one I want is WAY to expensive for me.

Well, I'm not getting 650.00 twords mine. More like 300. Still, might be worth it.

It's all business. Microsoft, the world's largest software developing company, has made its promotional discount on Surface devices and accessories permanent. The company announced earlier this month that it had reduced the price of Surface Pro, Surface RT bundles, standard and limited edition touch covers and now a report confirms that these discounts are here to stay for good.

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Drops $100!

Damn... first the RT and now this! 

Just so you know, if you run Windows update you will receive these updates automatically. Microsoft is using Windows update and the Windows store to do most of its delivery to the Windows RT systems

Is it?? Come on Bill send me one and I'll review it...  

Microsoft released its first software update for the Surface Pro tablet earlier this month. Part of the update's release notes stated that it was supposed to improves the tablet's WiFi features for "better roaming and improvements to 'Limited' connectivity scenarios". As it turns out, a few Surface Pro owners are still reporting problems with the tablet's WiFi connectivity.

According to Bloomberg, who have sources with knowledge of sales at Microsoft, the Surface has only sold 1.5 million units to date. Out of the 1.5 million, 400,000 of those sales are for the more powerful Surface Pro, while the remaining 1.1 million are naturally for the ARM-powered Surface RT.
While the overall number of sales isn't particularly amazing, especially comparing it to the 22.9 million iPads sold in the quarter ending in December 2012, it does show the remarkably quick adoption of the Surface Pro.

Would you like to see what's inside the Surface Pro? Cool! Me too!

Once again Microsoft has spent billions of dollars promoting a product and has simply ran out of them.