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Microsoft, Facebook, and the telecoms infrastructure company Telxius have announced the completion of the highest capacity subsea cable to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. The cable is capable of transmitting 160 terabits of data per second, the equivalent of streaming 71 million HD videos at the same time, and 16 million times faster than an average home internet connection, Microsoft claims. The cable will be operational by early 2018.

So... I guess Facebook has a little bit more under it's belt than cat videos and who's dating who.

Facebook Divorce Is a New Level of Awful

No kidding. Hmmm... might be time to close the old Facebook account.

WHAT! Well... I guess it's better than having people wonder what happened to you.

I truly didn't notice. My wife did. I did not.

A Facebook app that promises to change the overall look and color scheme of any user's profile page is malware that hacks into PCs and smartphones.

Facebook now officially owns Oculus

Although Facebook put $2 billion on the table for Oculus back in March, the acquisition has only officially completed today, leaving the social media giant as the de facto forerunner of virtual reality tech.

No kidding.
I have a little more appreciation for the company.

No kidding. Facebook has become a bit of a pain in my ass. I swear I get one more f'ing "poke"...

Interesting read...
Mark Zuckerberg's acquisitions have a formula: They never, ever leak because they come together quickly. Facebook's (FB) $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, for example, was reportedly sealed over chocolate-covered strawberries on Valentines Day, and the deal announced four days later. One month after that, Facebook's $2 billion deal for Oculus VR was solidified over dinner at Zuckerberg's home. Within the week, the deal was done.