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Initinaly will need a small loan to afford these chips but, like everything, over time this will befefit us all.

Many, many, and mean MANY moons ago I was an AMD fan thru-and-thru but, as the years past and Intel became the CPU of choice and performance, I switched to Intel. Now, with AMD introducing Ryzen, that might change again. I really like what I see and the price...WOW! 

At first I thought this was a story about an IBM Mainframe. Alas, is is not. This is a story about a Stratus server that was booted in 1993 and has never been rebooted. EVER! DAMN!

For all you small to medium businesses, this is an option you really might want to consider.

Now this has to be the most interesting design of a router I have ever seen. 

Very interesting motherboard. I especially found the M.2 slot an interesting idea in how they mounted it. Kinda cool to he honest. Check out the video below. 

Hmmm....wonder what we will see?

You just have to see this to believe it. I'm not so sure this is a laptop. I'm thinking this is a mini-bitchen-pc that LOOKS like a laptop.

Uh...thank you for the insane latop

I have a NAS at home since I have like...HUGE amounts of data I have collected over 22 years in the business. 

So, I was buzzing around the old "inter-tubes" this AM and I ran across this post over on Daily Rotation. I took a look at it and damn! Ingenious!.

Holy Silent Night Batman! Did you all see this??? DAMN!

Really? Hmmmm... I have to remember this.

Here we go! Apple is doing the old MS trick. Pre-load and then install.