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An elderly man on a Moped (Humor)

An elderly man on a Moped, looking about 100 years old, pulls up next to a doctor at a street light.

The Church (Humor)

Clean and it made me giggle.

The Mensa Convention (Joke)

There was a Mensa Convention in San Francisco recently. Mensa, as you probably know, is a national organization for people who have an IQ of 140 or higher.

Joke! One all men can relate to!

My wife sent me this. It's pretty damn funny.

Masters Joke (Pretty Funny!)

I have to thank Silent Tod for this one! 

How most of us were "Home Schooled" (Humor)

Most of our generation was HOME SCHOOLED but did not know it at the time. Have to thank "Silent Tod" for sending this one my way!

North Korea - 'With this Technology...' (Humor)

'The Tod' sent this my way. This is pretty funny...

This is hilarious!

Hickory dickory.... (Joke)

A flat-chested young lady read an article in a magazine that stated Dr. Bumbutu in Africa could enlarge your breasts without surgery. So she decided to go to Dr. Bumbutu to see if he could help her.

A hunter gets a new gun... (Humor)

So a hunter gets a new gun one day and decides to go hunting with it. He goes out into the woods and stumbles upon a nice-sized black bear, so he takes his gun and shoots the bear dead. Then he feels a tap on his shoulder...