Intel: Our phones are the fastest!

Well, my car is faster! So there!

Chip production in mobile -- the tech industry's fastest-growing computing segment -- is instead dominated by a little-known British company called ARM. Though hardly a household name like Intel, ARM's microchip designs can be found in 95% of the world's smartphones and tablets.

ARM chips are in all the most popular mobile devices, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Yet Intel (INTC, Fortune 500) believes it has a winning strategy to become the leader in mobile: Build the best chips.

When benchmarked -- a kind of microchip speed test -- against the top-of-the-line ARM chips, Intel says its mobile processors win hands down.

Intel says it's able to outperform the competition with a combination of smart design and a soup-to-nuts chipmaking process. The company's manufacturing prowess helps bring new technologies to market faster, and Intel engineers build the company's mobile processors virtually every step of the way.

Read the rest and wonder as I did... did I drink my last beer last night?

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