Why rapid-fire updates are the key to Microsoft's success.

MS needs to do this. As the world has moved to a much faster pace, MS does not want to get left behind. 

Ask five geeks about Windows 8’s greatest flaw, and you’re bound to get five different answers. Some diss the new Start screen. Some hate the big hole where the Start button used to be. Others rail against the indignity of having to swipe open a Charms bar to print or search for anything. And what’s with those Microsoft Accounts?

But you know what the biggest problem with Windows 8 is? It’s just too much new at once—and it absolutely had to be. Traditional Windows development was so glacial, so grossly slow and lumbering, that the original iPad hadn’t even been released when Windows 7 saw the light of day. So Microsoft was forced to play a massive game of catch up with Windows 8, or risk falling behind the eight ball forever.

That won’t happen again. 

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