Zuckerberg called Obama... and other useless s*** for a Friday...

Welp... here's a few useless stories for a Friday.

1 - Zuckerberg called Obama stating the NET should be more **free**. Obama laughed. Zuck giggled. Good times... goods times...

2 - The richest man in the world explains how to save the planet - Billy is back at Microsoft. Something to do with some new dude taking over the reigns. I was offered the job but was to busy to take it on right now. Hemroids. - Check out what Mr. Bill has to say!

3 - iOS 7.1 Includes Warning Message About 15-Minute In-App Purchase Window - if you're going to give your kid your ipad and say 'have at it as long as you stop whining...' you get what you get. - check it....

I'm going to start drinking now. It's 6:00 am somewhere on this planet.

Later - Digital

Da Boss!

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