New Outlook for Android, iOS wipes the app, not the phone

Seems MS has been listening to the IT folks who FREAKED when the iOS version of Outlook was released last month. It seems some changes have been made.

Using your own phone inside of your work environment can be terrifying because of two words: remote wipe. Fortunately, the more granular admin controls inside the new versions of Outlook’s Android and iOS apps should help soothe your fears.

The new preview of Outlook for Android and the full-fledged version of Outlook for iOS include a PIN lock, helping secure your phone in case it gets lost or stolen. And your IT admin can simply erase your email without resetting the phone itself.

Why this matters: Your IT department is vigilant about protecting confidential company data—and one of the more obvious holes is your phone and the company email stored on it. If your company enforces a strict policy, it can reset your Android phone to its factory settings—the “remote wipe”—if you report it missing. (Because Apple encrypts iPhones by default, admins can usually wipe your email without problems.) That’s why many Android users use a program like TouchDown HD or Samsung’s KNOX to wall off their email in a partition. If the “remote wipe” command is issued, only that partition will be erased, and not your photos, contacts, downloaded files, and other personal stuff. 

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