Amazon’s crazy Dash Buttons on sale for all Prime members

This might be the stupidest thing I have ever seen... but I want one...

Amazon is opening up Dash Button sales to all Prime members, giving them a physical button that instantly replenishes household goods.

Amazon announced the Dash Button on March 31, leading some to wonder if it was an early April Fool’s joke. But the retailer was dead serious about the effort, and started shipping the palm-sized buttons on an invite-only basis.

Now, anyone with a Prime membership can buy a Dash Button for $5 apiece “while supplies last.” There are 18 buttons in total, covering popular brands such as Tide, Huggies, Gatorade, Gillette, and Clorox. Each button comes with adhesive for sticking it onto a dishwasher, kitchen counter, or cabinet wall. The buttons then connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.


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