Work From Home In 2017: The Top 100 Companies Offering Remote Jobs

I work from home, the can, the bedroom, the front-yard, the back-yard, in my car, on the moon (playing a VR game while on a CON call for something I had nothing to do with), my neighbors house, the grocery store, the gas station, getting my hair cut, at a stop light, lunch, dinner, etc. Actually...I'm not sure there is a place I have NOT worked.

Oh, sorry... how did I achieve all that? Easy. God created the worse thing ever. The Cell Phone.

I can VPN, RDP, talk, text, read PDF's, look-up info (ya know... the Inter-Tubes!), or download an app and solve the problem from almost anywhere.  

I do miss the old rotary phones. It rang. You were not there (or just didn't want to answer) and the person on the other end went "welp...guess he's not home!" and that was that! 

Oh, and if you went on vacation you were on freaking vacation! You didn't get that phone call at 3:00 am going "Hey man... I know it's late and you are on vacation but we REALLY need your help with something." Nope. None of that. Hell, when I went on vacation, back in the day, I didn't even tell people where I was going. Folks would ask and I would say to one person: "The Keys (Florida). Someone else would ask and I would say "Mexico". No one knew where I was.

Yeah, the good old says where anonymity actually meant something. 

But, then again, last night when I was in the potty I looked up constipation. Didn't have to ask anyone about it and embarrass myself. Looks like more fiber is on the way into the old gullet can be a good thing. 

Work From Home In 2017: The Top 100 Companies Offering Remote Jobs - click here.

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