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The best Windows devices to come out of CES

Okay, so... that Razer laptop with three screens is just freaking CRAZY!

Five tech categories to watch at CES

I miss my CES days :(..
CES doesn't always present a clear picture of technology trends. Longtime technology journalist Harry McCracken likened the consumer-electronics show to a circus fun house mirror, exaggerating the importance of some technologies while minimizing the potential of others.

The annual CES technology show is a time when we're given a glimpse into what the future could look like, new technology stars can be born and of course, zany ideas are celebrated.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the gadgets-apalooza running this week in Las Vegas, offers both the media and the public a glimpse of the future. As it does every year, the weeklong convention has gathered hundreds of companies from around the world, all pitching the “next big thing.”

Ya know... I was wondering the same thing this year. Where DID MS go?