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God I hate this company! I have been trying to cancel my service for a month now! I keep getting told "no representatives are available" and they are going to have to call me back. I'm SO pissed!

Damn! 15 bucks? Not bad... not bad at all.

So, so SWEET it is!

Well, I guess it does pay to post away!

Do all you COMCAST folks know how lucky you are? DO YOU?

GOD I LOVE COMCAST! No...seriously... I really do!

Hmmm... might be worth it to a few folks.

I truly cannot believe this is happening... again!

So... this evening I was having some issues with my router and I decided to bring up my test router and I needed it on the same network as my existing router so I could check some of the routes but I needed to do it in such a way so as I didn't screw-up my existing router infrastructure (the ladies of the house do not like their internet connection messed with!).