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Huh...guess they have some issues they want addressed.

It’s never good news when two tech giants are mad at each other, but that’s the case right now with Google and Microsoft. Google says it gave Microsoft and Adobe a heads up about an active zero-day exploit in Windows ten days ago, and says Redmond essentially did nothing. So Google went ahead and made the vulnerability public on Monday, and of course, Microsoft was none too happy about that.

G is for Google

Alphabet? What the hell is Google doing now!

WOW! Now that's a lot of data storage.

I thought the battleground was our home the entire time. If it was not our home, did I miss the memo on where it was?

Hmmmm.... I might be interested in this.

Google+, the search giant's social network, has rolled out a new feature that appears to be its take on Pinterest. 

I just tried this and I have to say, this is pretty cool.

Hmmm... some of these of pretty good.