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Netflix Download Location On Windows 10 PC

So, from what I read, if you decide to use this PC version to watch content off-line your C:\ drive is about to get SMASHED with data.

Sweet! I like Amazon better.

Netflix - 10 tips and tricks!

Damn... a couple of these I didn't know!

No kidding. Damn... nicely done there Mr. Netflix people.

Oh this is going to tick off a few folks.

So it seems a lot (and I mean a LOT) of folks use a VPN service to get to NETFLIX to watch some shows from overseas.

Netflix Just Announced a Huge New Partnership

For the Dish and Netflix fans...
Netflix has found an unlikely partner to help it recruit more new subscribers—Dish Network.

Fight Time....
Verizon has threatened to sue Netflix after the video streaming company started displaying error messages that blamed Verizon for low-quality video streams.

Dear Netflix,
Welcome to Verizon! You will be hugged and loved here in FIOS country. All you need to do now is get better movies like Amazon! 

This is the reson I have been using Amazon's video Prime Service. It's been terrific for me on Verizon!