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WOW! I would buy it but...$1200.00 bucks? much out of the beer fund for me. 

So, if you plan on playing the DOOM Open Beta this weekend (and really, who isn't...) and you own an NVIDIA card you might need this HOTFIX to address a really bad stuttering issue when you launch the game. 

While I have the GeForce Experience installed on my PC (sorta have to as NVIDIA loves to sneak it on) I still wish they would keep the drivers as they are now. I like to have a local copy of the drivers in case the GeForce Experience experiences problems as it did with me last month. I don't like this decision at all.

Welp, this is the video card I have been waiting for. Now I can build my new box. I want to make sure it's Windows 10 ready.

Hell, I thought NVIDIA was already the "next big thing" in gaming. Did I miss a memo or something?

Oh I love community fixes! It's how I fixed the Aerial font issue given to us by EVGA this past year!

It looks like AMD is not the only GPU and CPU manufacturer preoccupied with making older gear attractive this holiday season. Arch rival Nvidia is showing love for its Kepler and Fermi-based desktop GPUs, not by discounting them, but by improving them.

Damn... 3K for the card.
NVidia unveiled the upcoming GeForce GTX Titan-Z at their annual GPU Technology Conference. Billed as a supercomputer that will fit under your desk, the card includes two fully enabled GK110 GPUs. NVidia say it is engineered for next-generation 5K and multi-monitor gaming. They also say that, unlike other dual-GPU cards, the two GPUs are tuned to run at the same clock speeds, which they claim is not the case for traditional dual-GPU cards.

Damn... one hell of a card at one hell of a price!