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Switched to T-Mobile over a year ago and I love it! Music, and now Video for FREE!

Huh... no kidding. That would make me REALLY Happy!

T-Mobile's customer-friendly "Uncarrier" schtick seems to be changing people's minds about the country's 4th largest wireless provider, and it's not done fiddling with that formula just yet. The folks in magenta just announced a slew of tweaks to its Simple Choice plans that make them worth yet another look.

T-Mobile to eliminate international data fees

I JUST switched to T-Mobile and after being a Verizon customer for over 13 years I have to say.... I LOVE T-Mobile! I really do! I love the flat price. I love, love, love, that JUMP Program (10.00! and that INCLUDES the phones insurance which I use at least once on every contract!) I love the speed of the network (no joke folks) and I love the phones! I'm telling ya... my HTC One I just got is a STELLAR phone. I just had a friend who got a new iPhone 5 and said 'I was really expecting it to be better!'. 

Damn... looks like this deal is really drawing some business! My only concern is: can T-Mobile's network handle all the new traffic?