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Yep... and this will continue until people start to get the hint that an 8-year-old OS needs to be patched a wee-bit-more than the newer ones. 

Welp, now I have a reason to walk around with a beer in my hand. I'll just tell people "Hey, PROVEN better than Tylenol!"

If what happened to United this past week is not the best example that it "comes in threes", then I don't know what is.

This just in!

Ummmm....that's one big bomb! 

I'm not sure about this but, it really seems like United Airlines has a curse on it or something. This is no joke folks.

I am a muscle car guy. Period! I am one of those who feels anything less than a V8 under the hood is a waste of space. Well, it seems the folks over at Dodge feel the same way. 

Yeah, this looks good. Really good.

Holy cow! Man, if this happened to me all you would see is my car and my fat buttocks booking it to the nearest hospital! 

Huh. I'm guessing MS collects quite a bit of info. Just a guess.

$35.00 a month for a bunch of channels no one watches (outside of ESPN which you can already stream for free)! That's nuts!

I JUST got done watching a Documentary on Bitcoin, since I knew little about it' origin, and I have to say I am very intrigued.

During one part of this video, you will shout out "OMG!"

Okay... I call BS. This guy is not landing a plane at all. He's playing some sort of flying game.

Video below.