BOO! - Recycle Your Loved Ones With Eco-Friendly Funerals

So, it's Halloween and I actually have a couple of hours to get some MUCH needed posts up and I thought "Eh... it's Halloween! Why not recycle some loved ones!" No joke folks. We're all about to be mulch!

Such afterlife overcrowding has similarly driven an ambitious West Coast startup: the Urban Death Project in Seattle, which aims to minimize the amount of land deeded over to the dead. In short, it aims to turn man into mulch. Picture a three-story-high human recycling center, to which families could bring the corpses of loved ones for a ceremonial laying-in, after which the body would be left to compost in a mix of wood chips and straw. After weeks, more likely months, the remains would go to the bereaved for use on garden or land. The deceased could fertilize ground, rather than fill it up. how they do it here. Actually, I might not mind this. Someone "mulch me" on the San Diego Chargers field will ya.

Da Boss!

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