Welcome to Monday! - Giant sinkhole at a Mississippi IHOP swallows 12 cars

DAMN! Guess the ground wanted some cars for breakfast!

Come for the pancakes, stay for the giant car-eating sinkhole.

That was the experience for several diners at an International House of Pankcakes restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi on Saturday night. A 35-feet wide by 400-feet long section of the parking lot collapsed, taking 12 cars, trucks and sports utility vehicles along with it, media reports said.

While there were no injuries, there was understandably a little panic. Diner Noah Mathis told ABC News that one of the IHOP employees ran to the window and yelled “Earthquake,” which caused everyone else to hightail it out of there.

There were miraculously no injuries. At least one official was denying the cause of the ground collapse as a sinkhole, which is usually triggered by water erosion and water drainage. Call it a “cave-in or whatever,” but this isn’t a sinkhole, Meridian Public Safety Director Buck Roberts told The Meridian Star. 

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