Star Wars Breaks All-Time Box Office Record Before It Even Opens


Those still wondering whether ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ will top other cinematic behemoths like 'Avatar’ or 'The Avengers’, take note.

The movie has already smashed the all-time box office record for pre-sales a full month before it has opened at cinemas.

Figures coming in show that it’s already sold $50 million worth of tickets – about £32 million – with a third of those tickets for IMAX screenings.

Put into context, the previous ticket pre-sales record belonged to 'The Dark Knight Rises’, which made £16 million before it opened back in 2012.

It’s now thought that the sequel could cruise into the highest-grossing movie of all time slot once it’s released on December 17.

But there are a few other records to beat before that.

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