Is your child a hacker? Here's a Checklist.

So the folks in Europe have put out a checklist for parents stating possible warning signs that your kid might be a hacker. 

Hot on the heels of Liverpool being awarded the European Capital of Culture for 2008 comes a charity programme, run by YouthFed, titled Hackers to Heroes.

The programme, which encourages youngsters to develop useful computer skills, is also informing parents of the signs they may encounter if their children are on the path to becoming cybercriminals.

A list of potential warning signs was published by the Liverpool Echo today.

The list was compiled by Vince Warrington, a self-described "Cyber Security Leader & Entrepreneur" who has "helped both the government and private companies keep their data safe", according to the Echo. He tells LinkedIn: "I've been described as an emerging Thought Leader in information security as I have a holistic approach to data protection." 

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