A United pilot ranted about Trump, Clinton and divorce. Her passengers fled.

If what happened to United this past week is not the best example that it "comes in threes", then I don't know what is.

All Three: 

- Beat the hell out of a passenger - click here.

- Scorpion falls from overhead stinging a passenger -click here.

- United Airline Pilot Loses her s**** - Randy Reiss, on his way home to San Francisco after a family funeral, was one of them.

“United has always, for me, been a very straight, corporate airline,” he said. “It seemed very friendly, nice, cutesy.”

“Then she said, ‘Sorry, I’m late. I’m going through a divorce.’ And I thought: Uh oh.”

Standing in front of the cockpit, the pilot kept talking over the intercom. Her speech veered into a string of non-sequiturs, and the mood in the cabin turned from cozy to uncomfortable, to worse.

The pilot pointed out two passengers at the front of the plane and noted their race — one black, one white — for reasons that were clear to no one. 

Read more - click here.

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