Walmart is asking employees to deliver packages on their way home from work

So, let me get this straight. If I order something from Walmart I now have to wait for Bob the Door Greeter to: 

1 - Get off work and find his car in the sea of cars at any given Walmart 
2 - Pray Bob (the Door Greeter) didn't have a hell of a bad day and decided to hit the bar first.
3 - Pray Bob can find my house in the first place and not deliver it to my neighbor who WILL keep it no matter what it is.
4 - Pray old Bob doesn't face plant himself on my driveway during the Winter and I end up getting sued. 
5 - Pray Bob hasn't already dropped it 36 times. Well now wait a minute here... UPS does this so after some careful consideration this one might not apply. 
5 - Bob knows to put it on my porch and not just toss it in my bushes. 

Yep, Walmart, as one of the richest companies in the World why would you bother to deliver the package I paid to have shipped to my door actually delivered to my door.

Poor Bob. 


Walmart’s newest tactic in its fight against online giant Amazon: enlisting its employees to deliver online orders on their way home from work.

The idea, Walmart executives said Thursday, is to cut costs on the so-called last-mile of deliveries, when packages are driven to customers’ homes, often the most expensive part of the fulfillment process.

“It just makes sense: We already have trucks moving orders from fulfillment centers to stores for pickup,” Marc Lore, chief executive of Walmart’s e-commerce business and the founder of, said in a blog post Thursday afternoon. “Those same trucks could be used to bring ship-to-home orders to a store close to their final destination, where a participating associate can sign up to deliver them to the customer’s house.”

The company began testing the package-delivery program a month ago in three stores — two in New Jersey, one in northwest Arkansas — but did not offer details on when, or where, it would expand across the United States. 

Read more about how Bob is about to get screwed - Click Here.


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